2 Person Story

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This game is a story game.

Number Of Players

This game is for two people.

Suggestions Taken

Normally the title for the story is a combination of a favorite movie and book taken from the audience.

How It Is Played

Two players tell a story one word at a time based on the title taken from the audience. The two alternate words to tell the story which begins with "Once upon a time..." and ends with "the moral of the story is..."

Tips For Performance

  • There is a difference between "the" and "the" (the second pronounced like thee). The latter is used to signal to the next person the story should be ended with the moral.
  • Use physical communication to communicate a direction for the story if you have a vision. Don't take it over, but nonverbal communication can take the story worlds further.
  • Be sure to have high energy, this game requires a storyteller's flair.
  • This game is a great show opener.